What is Ippodo Tea?

Ippodo Tea, with its roots deeply entrenched in Kyoto's rich tea history, has been blending aromatic, complex teas for over three centuries. As a beacon of quality and tradition, Ippodo prides itself on offering a diverse range of matcha blends, each with its unique character and profile. For newcomers and seasoned tea aficionados alike, navigating the spectrum of Ippodo's matcha can be a delightful journey through taste, aroma, and color.

Matcha Lineup Overview

We tried five different blends (there are many more!) of Ippodo Tea's matchas. Ippodo's matcha selection spans from light-bodied to rich-bodied blends, each meticulously crafted to suit various palates and preferences. Here's our breakdown of each one:

  1. Hatsu - A light-bodied matcha known for its refreshingly bitter taste, light and grassy aroma, and matte green color with a hint of yellow. Perfect for smoothies, lattes, and baking, Hatsu offers a brisk taste that complements sweet desserts beautifully. (Purchase Here.)
  2. Ikuyo - Occupying the medium category, Ikuyo strikes a harmonious balance between astringency and sweetness. Its gentle, bright aroma and light, medium green color make it an excellent choice for everyday enjoyment, whether served straight, in lattes, or used in desserts for a richer matcha flavor. (Purchase Here.)
  3. Ummon - At the rich end of the spectrum, Ummon boasts a robust umami flavor with little to no bitterness. Its hearty aroma and vivid emerald green color make it ideal for those who savor their matcha straight, offering a meditative and replenishing experience. (Purchase Here.)
  4. Kanza - The pinnacle of Ippodo's rich-bodied matchas, Kanza delights with its lush umami, silky mouthfeel, and powerful, clear aroma. Developed to be the most invigorating blend, it provides a purposeful treat full of fresh umami and a character that feels silky and luscious. (Purchase Here.)
  5. Kuon - Following closely after Kanza, Kuon features a sustained, elegant finish with a refined crispness. Its standout, soaring fragrance is vibrant and sweet, making it a splendid choice for those seeking an elegant and lively matcha experience. (Purchase Here.)

The Art of Blending

Ippodo's commitment to quality and consistency is evident in its blending process. By carefully selecting harvests from different farms and years, Ippodo achieves a complex flavor profile in each tea. This meticulous blending ensures that each cup of Ippodo matcha offers a consistently engaging and nuanced experience, much like the crafting of fine wines and coffees.

Why Choose Ippodo Matcha?

Choosing an Ippodo matcha blend comes down to personal preference and the desired experience. Whether you're drawn to the light and crisp Hatsu for its versatility in smoothies and desserts, the balanced Ikuyo for everyday sipping, or the luxurious richness of Ummon, Kanza, and Kuon for a deeply satisfying matcha experience, Ippodo has something for every matcha lover.

In summary, Ippodo Tea's matcha lineup, with its range from light to rich-bodied blends, offers a unique exploration of taste, aroma, and color. From the brisk and refreshing Hatsu to the luxurious and invigorating Kanza and Kuon, each blend presents a distinct character that reflects the artistry and tradition of Kyoto's esteemed tea culture.